Take a Leap of Faith -Handout

Take a Leap of Faith

  1. Knowing you step into the ___________   of _______________.
  2. Who is the _____________, (______________), the _______________ (Mt. 16:13-17)
  3. Whose _____________   ________________ gives you the ___________________ that he will catch you
  4. Hearing Jesus ______________ you to _____________ (Mt. 14:22-33)
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One thought on “Take a Leap of Faith -Handout

  1. This is a Handout Taster from our previous lesson. In this lesson our goal was to understand how our lack of faith or trust in God displeases Him. Therefore, I pray as you spent time with Him over these past weeks, that you have begun to trust Him like never before, learning your measure of faith and what He’s requiring of you as a Woman of God. I pray you gained the knowledge that He is with you through every phrase, and that you can trust Him to lead you completely. And knowing, that your life is a life worth living because of His greatness! Our God is so GREAT!

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