Day 5…Glimpses of Godliness for Today’s Woman

Day Five Study

The great thing about Peter’s story is that it doesn’t end with defeat. From the depths of failure and despair, his faith was ignited by Jesus’ resurrection.

Read John 21:15-19.

24. How does this account of Jesus’ love and care for Peter after his denials encourage you as you think of time when you acted out of fear or other emotions rather than in faith?

Read one of these passages: Acts 2:1-41Acts 3:1-26Acts 4:1-22; or Acts 5:17-42. (Of course, if you have time, feel free to read more than one!)

25. Summarize what happened and share how Peter acted in faith rather than fear.

26. Sharing question: What did God impress upon you about faith from this story?

27. Sharing question: Considering all that you have studied about Peter this week, what have you learned about faith? What have you learned about God? What do you plan to do to increase faith in your own life?

Read Acts 4:23-31.

28. Responding to God: Pray according to the prayer of the disciples in Acts 4:29 for yourself and for the Body of Christ. First, praise God for the great deeds that you have seen him do, as they did in vv. 24-28. Write out your prayer.

Diamonds in the Word: Read all of John 21 and any commentaries that you may have.

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