Day 4…Glimpses of Godliness for Today’s Woman

Day Four Study

Today we will look at events that led up to Jesus’ crucifixion.

Read from the account of the Last Supper in Matthew 26:32-35. Then study events that occurred afterward in Matthew 26:47-56.

18. What do you learn about Peter’s faith from his boasts and his actions? What does this teach you about faith in general?

Read Luke 22:54-62, which took place later the same evening while Jesus was on trial.

19. Relate what happened in this passage in Luke.

20. What insights do you gain from Peter’s actions concerning fear and faith?

21. Sharing question: Think of a particular situation in which you have difficulty believing or trusting God out of fear. What one action step can you take to build your faith so that you overcome fear next time you face that situation? If you have trouble thinking of something, ask a Neighbor in Christ to help you. God desires us to relate together in unity so that we encourage and assist each other by sharing the experience and wisdom that God has given us as individuals.

22. Sharing question: Peter wept bitterly according to Lk. 22:62. Have you ever wept before God because you regretted your lack of trust in him, knowing it saddened him? What happened that caused you to feel such remorse?

23. Responding to God: In light of your previous two answers, write out a prayer for God to help you replace your fear with faith. You may want to write this as your prayer request for group this week. We often focus our requests on the daily things of life when we should be thinking bigger, more in line with God’s larger will for us. He is more concerned about our character than our circumstances, although he does care about what we face also.  Consider God’s desire for you to walk in faith. Write a prayer that you would trust God in a present situation rather than allow fear to rule your actions.

Diamonds in the Word: Use your concordance to find parallel accounts of the events in Luke in the other gospels. Read them slowly, allowing Peter’s actions to sink in.

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