Day 2…Glimpses of Godliness for Today’s Woman

Day Two Study

Yesterday we read that Jesus himself trusted God and depended upon him while he walked on the earth. For the rest of this week we will look at Peter and his faith. (With each quality we will study at least one Bible character and his or her example of that characteristic.) As you think about the quality of believing God in your own life, consider what you learn from Peter.

Read John 1:35-42, Peter’s first meeting with Jesus.

7. What did Peter hear about Jesus that motivated him to come meet him?

Read Matthew 4:12-22.

8. Upon Jesus’ return to Galilee what was he doing (Mt. 4:17)? How would you describe Jesus’ effect upon Peter considering Peter’s actions in Mt. 4:20?

9. Sharing question: What have you heard about Jesus or from his words that has drawn you to follow him? What have you learned about him that has built your faith?

10. Sharing question: What have you been unwilling to leave behind to follow Jesus? What does that say about your faith?

11. Responding to God: Draw a picture, which you will not have to show others unless you want to do so! (I know that some of you don’t like to do this but others love it; we all learn and relate differently to God.) In the picture put Jesus calling you to follow Him. Put at least one thing that you are reluctant to give up behind you. Talk to God about what you have drawn and about your need for Him to help you let go of those things. They may be bad things (for example, addictions to food; reading romance novels; selfishness in relationships; discontent; lack of commitment) or they may be what you see as good things that you are demanding from God (a job, a husband, relief from a trial, your own plan for your child, a different boss, a certain outcome in a situation).

Diamonds in the Word: Peter was apparently with Jesus when he left Judea and returned to his home in Galilee. Read about some of the things that Peter saw and heard in John 2:1-11. How would this be a faith-building time?

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