Community Prayer Request

A Blessing Prayer was laid upon my heart for the Women and their families in this group. Friends, Be much Encouraged!

Lord Jesus Christ I ask you according to your Word to anoint every women and every member of her family. Pour out Your Anointing on them. Lord cover them with your glory and tangible presence, give them a fresh new release and flow in their inner man with rivers of living water springing up forth abundantly with Life abundant, fill them so that they will overflow with Your favor, compassion and love, Your understanding, Your wisdom. Anoint them to hear Your voice over a stranger, Give them spiritual eyes to see and a heart to understand and be led by Your Holy Spirit. Father release boldness, confidence and obedient to do Your will. Fill them with Your gifts, anointing and blessing and all else You have for them according to Your will. Father shine through them so that they may be a light to their children, husbands, friends and love ones, Women of influence, godly character, always showing forth an act of worship to You, in Jesus Name. Amen!


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