Covenant Ladies Vision Statement

Covenant Ladies Vision Statement

Covenant Ladies is an outreach of Our Report Ministries and exists to connect women of the Body of Christ and the community

  • To Christ
  • To women of other ages and stages
  • To ministry service

so that we grow together in the faith, knowledge, and love of Jesus Christ.

Women’s Bible Study Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Women’s Ministry Bible study is to grow in intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through daily study and application of the Scriptures, prayer, and building relationships through intergenerational small groups.

Leader’s Commitment and Mission

  • With God’s help I will strive to uphold and preserve the truths of the Bible.
  • Relying on the strength of the Spirit I will endeavor to be faithful in completing my own studies, attending each session, and preparing for discussion.
  • By equally accepting and loving each woman in my group, I will, with God’s help, be sensitive to the varied needs in my group.

What is a leader?

The role of the  leader is one of serving and encouraging women in the body to know Jesus Christ and make Him known. She looks out for the interests of others because she is a servant leader who cares for each one individually. A  leader is not dominant but encourages and strives for participation from all members. The goal is to enable them to deepen their faith and commitment to passionately pursue Jesus Christ. She is there to help them walk with Christ and grow in their personal study of God’s Word. If she seeks to be an instructor, the women will be forever dependent on her. To see them become independently dependent upon their Lord is the objective!

Qualities Leader

Full of faith

A good leader trusts in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and trusts God to accomplish the work that He has called her to do.

Dependent upon God

A good leader knows that her strength and guidance comes through the Holy Spirit and through prayer as she seeks God in daily prayer.


A good leader reaches out in love to the women God has called her to oversee.


A good leader is not afraid to be transparent and allow her life to be an example to others.


A good leader can be trusted to keep confidential information private, not given to gossip but to prayer.


A good leader serves God first and foremost and is intent upon pleasing Him above all others.


A good leader listens to others with sincere interest in what the other person is trying to communicate. She answers thoughtfully, giving advice only when prompted by God.


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